Protecting Regulatory Measures in Investment Treaty Law
ABSTRACT: This article explores the extent to which the general exceptions found in Article XX of the GATT 1947 can be incorporated into investment treaties to better balance protection of investments with a ...
page 3 - 25
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Regulatory Measures through Plain Packaging of Tobacco Products in the Light of International Trade Agreements
ABSTRACT: Plain packaging is the WHO’s new concept to fight the global tobacco epidemic. Already adopted in Australia, other countries are certain to follow and are already evaluating its introduction. ...
page 27 - 48
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Connecting the Dots: Attracting Foreign Direct Investment through Harmonisation of European Insolvency Law
ABSTRACT: Considering the fact that participation in insolvency proceedings may be viewed as an entry-mode for investment in a foreign market, as well as a form of business wind-up, this paper investigates ...
page 49 - 68
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The EU and Foreign Investment – Some Questions after the New Regulation
ABSTRACT: The article is devoted to the new status of foreign investment in the European Union. It aims to clarify various aspects of the legal regime of foreign investment in the light of the newly adopted ...
page 69 - 89
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Regulation of Financial Markets and Money Laundering: Contemporary Trends in European and International Cooperation
ABSTRACT: Money laundering has become a phenomenon of financial market regulation. The obligation to identify the ultimate beneficiary, or the beneficiary owner, which need not be entirely synonymous terms, ...
page 91 - 104
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A Few Thoughts on the new Common European Sales Law
ABSTRACT: The authors present a few thoughts on the EU Commission initiative to create unified rules on international trade applicable inside the EU. To begin, there is a a summary of the legislative works ...
page 123 - 142
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International Trade Economic Measures Applied in Slovakia
ABSTRACT: International trade primarily supports the development of international economic and trade relations between states and contributes to their economic growth. Free market relations are key ...
page 143 - 157
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Publicity and Protection: A Comparative Analysis of Legal European Protection Granted to Credit and Events Consumers
ABSTRACT: This study will demonstrate a correlation between two interesting notions of advertising understood as both commercial and consumer, one of economic character, the other belonging to ...
page 159 - 173
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